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Advertising Archive

Mar 3, 2008

Gotta Cut The Cheese

Looks like it’s going to be an all video sort of day here at the Barley Blog. If there’s one thing that […]

Mar 3, 2008

Brazilian Fighting Cackatoo

I’m not sure which is sadder — that he was going for a Bud Light or that he got his ass handed […]

Feb 5, 2008

Bud Light: Suck One

There were some decent ads this past Super Bowl Sunday, but there’s only one genre we all really pay attention to — […]

Jan 9, 2008


There are several variations of this campaign currently airing ad nauseum, but each time I see one I keep a mental note […]

Dec 14, 2007

Falcon: Really Cold

This video has been cracking me up all morning.

Nov 21, 2007

Schlitz Malt Liquor – “Robin Hood”

This one is from the early 80’s, but it has that one key ingredient that many of today’s commercials are missing… large […]

Nov 7, 2007

Hunter’s Dry Skate Pool Commercial

I’ve never heard of the beer, but this commercial cracks me the hell up.

Oct 22, 2007

Mmmm… Beer and Crabs

I’m pretty sure that I would have done the same thing as this dude, although I’m not sure I would have waited […]

Sep 19, 2007

“At Last” Guinness Ad

I love Guinness commercials almost as much as I love the beer. This ad may be the one to finally push the […]

Sep 17, 2007

Stella Artois La Bouteille Preview

We’ll I’ve just gotten done poking around the new Stella Artois La Bouteille web site for the third time since it was […]

Sep 4, 2007

Corona in Red Square

I’m not the biggest Corona fan, but for some reason the thought of hundreds of stoic Russian soldiers busting out to a […]

Aug 14, 2007

Get The *bleep* Outta Here

Granted it’s for Budweiser, but how can you not be a fan of a commercial with censored dialog — especially when it […]