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2015 Archive

Jul 20, 2015

Highland Brewing King MacAlpin Double IPA

North Caroline’s Highland Brewing has just recently started putting in a new bottling line (if not already completed). They’re in the process […]

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Jul 17, 2015

Coronado Brewing Announces 19th Anniversary IPA

Press Release CORONADO, CA ‹ July 16 ‹ As a salute to 19 years, current World Beer Cup Mid-Sized Brewery Champion, Coronado […]

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Jul 17, 2015

Avery Brewing Fortuna

And the Avery Brewing barrel-aged sour train keeps on rolling. This is the third review of a series of beers I purchased […]

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Jul 16, 2015

Avery Brewing Tectum et Elix

Yesterday, I reviewed the first of four barrel-aged wild/sour ales from Avery Brewing that I had purchased back in May of this […]

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Jul 15, 2015

Avery Brewing Raspberry Sour

Avery Brewing has done some astounding things with wild ales and barrels. Their Brabant and Rufus Corvus are world class products so […]

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Jul 13, 2015

Lost Rhino Bramble Frumenti

Lost Rhino’s Genius Loci series is an experimental run of limited, often one-off beers that are brewed using regional ingredients (local to […]

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Jul 10, 2015

Evolution Brewing 2014 Bourbon Barrel Dark Ale

I’ve had a few Evolution brews in the past couple of years, but this is my first encounter with their limited Migration […]

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Jul 9, 2015

Heavy Seas Blackbeard’s Breakfast

I’ve been known to put a splash of bourbon in an evening coffee in my time. And let’s face it, I’m a […]

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Jul 8, 2015

Shmaltz Brewing Bock Bock

Shmaltz Brewing Company’s Bock Bock isn’t the first bourbon barrel-aged doppelbock that I’ve encountered. In fact, the best example of the style […]

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Jul 7, 2015

Mad Fox Barrel-Aged Reynard

My first encounter with Mad Fox Brewing was an excellent experience. Oaked Diabolik was one hell of an introduction to the company. […]

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Jul 6, 2015

Clown Shoes Brewing Space Cake

Clown Shoes Brewing always presents their products with wacky, outlandish label artwork and their Space Cake is certainly no exception. I have […]

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Jul 2, 2015

Lagunitas Equinox

Lagunitas first brewed Equinox back in 1995. I’m not sure if it was under the same moniker or even 100% the same […]

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