Aug 15, 2016

The Bruery Share This Coffee Stout

I’m usually a good sharer of tasty brews with the wife, but The Bruery’s Share This Coffee Stout is one of those beers that makes me happy the wife doesn’t like big stouts. She may have taken a sip or two, but this bit 11.9% ABV imperial coffee stout was all mine. Consumed slowly over a late June evening, the array of decadent cocoa and coffee made for the perfect post-dinner treat.

The point of this beer, however, isn’t necessarily to share with friends. One dollar of each sale of this beer goes to charity. And when a big stout uses freshly roasted coffee from Mostra Coffee (out of the Philippines), it would be hard not to justify spending a little green on a bottle or two. Share This is an outstanding coffee stout. It’s incredibly rich, but not cloying and delivers an array of flavors that will keep your tastebuds fully engaged from the first to last sip.

I’m a big fan of aging large stouts like this, but Share This is just too darn good fresh to set it down for a while. I’d also be worried that the wonderful coffee character would fade over time, which defeats the purposed of a brew such as this. If you can still find a bottle, this one is well worth purchasing.