Jan 26, 2016

Left Hand Brewing Bittersweet

One look at the Barley Blog homepage and you’ll notice an immediate trend — stouts!

‘Tis the season for black gold and the last few reviews have echoed that wholeheartedly. Next up in the stout train? Left Hand Brewing’s Bittersweet, an 8.9% ABV (54 IBU) imperial milk stout brewed with Allegro Coffee’s Mocha Java Blend.

The result is a beer that lives up to both ends of the flavor spectrum — a smooth lactose sweetness is countered by a biting dark coffee bite. Dark chocolate and a hint of dark fruits linger gently in the beer’s pitch-black depths. Bittersweet is a beer that is about as solid a drinking experience as you could want in a beer of this style.

Left Hand Brewing have always crafted tasty stouts and porters, but this one is exceptional. Bittersweet is certainly a beer that I will be purchasing again, as soon as I find a bottle or three.