May 26, 2016

Lickinghole Creek Coffee Obsession

Apparently, I was on a bit of a Lickinghole Creek run mid-March this year. Yesterday, we took a look at their big and boozy Redneck Wedding. Today, let’s explore a 13.5% ABV imperial stout that uses “combination of hundreds of pounds of dark roasted malts sourced from all over the world and ridiculous amounts of Richmond, Virginia dark roasted coffee.”

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? And it is! For as much malt and coffee is within this dark brews depths, it’s also surprisingly well balanced. Yes, it’s malty and roasty, but there’s a good bit of hop bitterness in the mix to make sure that it’s not overly sweet or too malty for its own good. A hint of dark chocolate compliments the espresso notes that persist.

Coffee Obsession is my kind of stout. It’s ideal for the colder months of the year, but I’d certainly be tempted to cellar a couple of these away, maybe even cracking one open and sipping after a long day in the Summer heat. Then again,