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Maryland Beer Archive

Dec 4, 2012

Flying Dog Centennial Single Hop Imperial IPA 2012

I first tried a sample of this Centennial only Imperial IPA, back in August of last year. I loved it back then […]

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Nov 29, 2012

Flying Dog Brewery Announces 2013 Brewhouse Rarities

Press Release Frederick, MD – On the heels of releasing 40 different beers in 2012, today Flying Dog Brewery announced its 2013 […]

Nov 26, 2012

Flying Dog K-9 Winter Ale

Ah, the cold weather has finally arrived in full bluster around the homestead. Temperatures are dipping down into the low 30s at […]

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Nov 21, 2012

DuClaw Brewing Mysterium

There are just some styles of beer that I don’t get along with — never have and more than likely never really […]

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Oct 25, 2012

Flying Dog The Fear Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin beer season is well upon us, if not already over seeing as how there were many of the gourd-based brews popping […]

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Oct 8, 2012

DuClaw Brewing Soul Jacker

Billed as a “fiendish blend” of two existing products from DuClaw Brewing, Soul Jacker combines the company’s Black Jack Imperial Stout and […]

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Sep 28, 2012

Flying Dog 2012 Secret Stash Harvest Ale

Flying Dog Brewing’s Secret Stash Harvest Ale is a seasonal release that is a “…celebration of Maryland’s agricultural roots.” Each year the […]

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Sep 21, 2012

Flying Dog Brewing International Arms Race

Brewdog won the coin toss and launched the first attack with their version of the Zero IBU IPA. Now, it was Flying […]

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Aug 28, 2012

Flying Dog Victorious in UK International Arms Race

Press Release London – In a final more tense than the women’s fencing individual sabre face off for Gold between Korea’s Kim […]

Jul 31, 2012

Flying Dog vs. Brewdog International Arms Race Update

Press Release Flying Dog Declares War on Brew Dog, Thinks Scots Talk Funny Frederick, MD – At 15:37 EST on July 27, […]

Jul 20, 2012

Flying Dog Single Hop Chinook Imperial IPA

Four beers into the Flying Dog Single Hop series and the first is still my favorite. The succulent citrus fruit that Simcoe […]

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Jul 17, 2012

Just Arrived: Flying Dog Single Hop Chinook Imperial IPA

This latest treat from Maryland’s Flying Dog Brewing arrived just moments ago. It’s part of the brewery’s single hop series and features […]