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Maryland Beer Archive

Oct 14, 2010

Heavy Seas Prosit!

I have not been drinking nearly enough Oktoberfest oriented brews this season. I’m a little disappointed in myself to tell you the […]

Jun 1, 2010

Heavy Seas 2010 Letter of Marque

As I said last week, I’ve (for one reason or another) been drinking a good number of rye based beers the past […]

May 3, 2010

Heavy Seas Siren Noire

I’ve had a couple of the Mutiny Fleet beers from Heavy Seas over the past year or so, and was really looking […]

Dec 21, 2009

Clipper City Heavy Seas Yule Tide

I’m a big fan of just about everything that Clipper City has put out in their Heavy Seas line. Yule Tide, however, […]

Dec 10, 2009

Flying Dog Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Raging Bitch

FREDERICK, MD, December 10th—Flying Dog Brewery proudly announces the launch of RAGING BITCH, a Belgian-style IPA, to celebrate its 20th Anniversary in […]

Aug 3, 2009

Flying Dog 2nd Annual Gonzofest Announced

Frederick, MD – August 3rd, 2009—Flying Dog Brewery is pleased to announce its 2nd annual GonzoFest taking place on September 12th at […]

Oct 21, 2008

Clay Pipe Hop-Ocalypse

As the intake of stouts and porters and other more seasonally acceptable beers has increased the past couple of weeks, I found […]

Aug 30, 2007

Flying Dog Dogtoberfest

I love this time of year. All of the fall beers are starting to hit the shelves. It started with the Paulaner […]

Aug 15, 2007

Flying Dog Brewery Ready to Celebrate “Dogtoberfest”

Flying Dog Brewery Ready to Celebrate “Dogtoberfest” Flying Dog Brewery will be making a new seasonal “traditional-style Marzen” available throughout September and […]

Jul 3, 2007

Double Dog Double Pale Ale

I’m not sure when I picked this one up, but I do remember it being due to the psychotic looking mutt on […]

May 24, 2007

Clipper City Heavy Seas: Holy Sheet Uber Abbey Ale

As you can see by the last two reviews, I went on a Clipper City buying spree. The artwork on the labels […]

May 21, 2007

Clipper City Heavy Seas Peg Leg

So, my stout sickness has gotten the better of me again. On a recent trip to the store a picked up a […]