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Virginia Beer Archive

Aug 25, 2016

Starr Hill Last Leaf

Last Leaf is the final beer in Starr Hill’s Fall Tour variety pack. It’s also one of the newest additions to the […]

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Aug 24, 2016

Starr Hill Basketcase

I’m a big lager fan. Their overall biscuity nature and ability to refresh after a long day in the sun or simply […]

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Aug 23, 2016

Starr Hill Whiter Shade

I’m going to assume that Whiter Shade, the second beer from Starr Hill’s Fall Tour variety pack, is the same beer (Whiter […]

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Aug 22, 2016

Starr Hill Northern Lights

I was lucky enough to receive a package from Starr Hill last week that included their new Fall Seasonal bottle mix. Within […]

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Aug 10, 2016

Aslin Beer Company Neutrino

There is no brewery in Virginia right now as hyped or as drooled-over by the masses than Aslin Beer Company. This very […]

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Aug 3, 2016

Brothers Brewing Good Adweiss

The hefeweisen is well documented on this site as a style with which I have had a love/hate relationship. It’s not one […]

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Jul 27, 2016

Heritage Brewing Brandy Barrel Aged Freedom Isn’t Free

While there is no official review for it on the Barley Blog, I’ve gone through quite a few cases of Heritage Brewing’s […]

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Jul 14, 2016

Champion Brewing ICBM

With so much new beer in the market and shelf retail space that doesn’t seem to want to keep up, I’ve gotten […]

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Jun 7, 2016

O’Connor Brewing Brigantine Barleywine

I’ve been becoming a fan of O’Connor’s products and particularly their Steel Battalion series of releases over the past couple of years. […]

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Jun 2, 2016

Caboose Brewing Hobo Stout with Vanilla

Virginia’s Caboose Brewing just recently made the move to bottles earlier this year. I’ve enjoyed the company’s Car Hopper IPA on drought […]

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Jun 1, 2016

Adroit Theory and Reaver Beach the Death of Cthulhu

I’m not going to lie to you, I strictly purchased this bottle of The Death of Cthulhu solely on the label artwork […]

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May 27, 2016

O’Connor Shipwreck Bay Nelson Sauvin Saison

I’ve been liking what O’Connor Brewing has been producing lately. Their products have been solid and flavorful, often times pushing the envelope […]

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