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Virginia Beer Archive

Apr 7, 2014

Lickinghole Creek Three Chopt Tripel Ale

Apparently, this has become the American way. Take a traditional style, toss in an extra few pounds more of hops than would […]

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Mar 31, 2014

Starr Hill Taste of Honey

I think the last Belgian-style brew that I had that utilized wildflower honey instead of (or in addition to) the traditional candi […]

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Mar 27, 2014

Hardywood Park The Great Return

There are two things that I really like about Hardywood Park’s The Great Return. First, it’s an outstanding IPA (more on that […]

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Mar 25, 2014

Lickinghole Creek Short Pump Saison

My first experience with Lickinghole Creek was with their Gentleman Farmer Estate Hop Ale. That beer was good — not great — […]

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Mar 24, 2014

Hardywood Singel

I’m not sure when exactly I first had Hardywood Parks tasty Belgian-style pale ale, Singel, but I know it was at the […]

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Mar 20, 2014

Heritage Brewing Revolution

Last week, I mentioned that my first official purchase from Heritage Brewing was a pint of their Sovereign Stout. Well, that wasn’t […]

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Mar 18, 2014

Sunken City Brewing Red Clay IPA

Any one who’s lived in the inland Virginia area long enough has had to dig some sort of hole at some point […]

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Mar 14, 2014

Bad Wolf Brewing Citra Saison

Manassas’ Bad Wolf Brewing had been open for a good little while before I had the chance to stop by, sample some […]

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Mar 12, 2014

Heritage Brewing Sovereign Stout

They won’t tell me how they do it (not even a hint), but Heritage Brewing ensures me that Sovereign Stout, a 4% […]

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Mar 11, 2014

Hardywood Park Cream Ale

The cream ale is not a style that you happen across very often. In fact, I’ve only reviewed one other example of […]

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Mar 7, 2014

Wild Wolf Brewing White Wolf

The number of white IPAs (and even newer IPL: India Pale Lager) in the beer market has been increasing steadily since they […]

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Feb 28, 2014

Blue Mountain Brewery Long Winter’s Nap

Nelson County’s Blue Mountain Brewery has a line of beers they call Barrel House which is actually a separate production facility from […]

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