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Maryland Beer Archive

May 11, 2015

The Brewer’s Art Birdhouse

Ever since running across a scant few cans of The Brewer’s Art Resurrection Ale a while ago, I’ve started seeing more and […]

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May 8, 2015

DuClaw Brewing Dirty Little Freak

Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing is no stranger to twisting and contorting beer into any shape they wish. From their gimmicky (though tasty) Sweet […]

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Apr 30, 2015

The Brewer’s Art Resurrection Ale

Back in March of 2014, the family and I took a long weekend trip to Baltimore over the kid’s Spring break from […]

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Apr 10, 2015

Flying Dog Single Hop Warrior Imperial IPA

The Warrior hop variety is typically only employed in brewing for its bittering capabilities. Rarely, if ever, has it been the sole […]

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Apr 7, 2015

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Earl Grey Black Wheat

There are two things you should probably know about me before I dive into this review for Flying Dog’s Earl Grey Black […]

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Mar 13, 2015

Flying Dog Brewing Supertramp

This particular release from Maryland’s Flying Dog may share its moniker with a certain British band, but there’s nothing fully logical (or […]

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Feb 24, 2015

DuClaw Brewing Devil’s Due

Folks, what we’ve got here with Devil’s Due is a blend of two other DuClaw Brewing products. I’m not sure of how […]

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Feb 11, 2015

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rareties Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout

I’ve never had a Mexican hot chocolate before, but from what Stone Brewing and Maryland’s Flying Dog have told me, it sounds […]

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Feb 9, 2015

Flying Dog Single Hop HBC-431 Imperial IPA

Flying Dog’s single hop series of imperial IPAs has been pretty damn solid throughout the past couple of years. Each has used […]

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Dec 19, 2014

DuClaw Brewing Colossus

Colossus isn’t just one of the one of the more limited-release products from Maryland’s DuClaw Brewing, it’s also one of the most […]

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Dec 18, 2014

Flying Dog Announces Plans for Farmworks Brewery, a Unique Farm Brewery Destination in Virginia

Press Release Frederick, MD – Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe was on hand at Shadow Farm, a 53-acre farm in Lucketts, Va., last […]

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Dec 18, 2014

Heavy Seas Holy Sheet 2014

I originally had Heavy Seas (Clipper City) Holy Sheet back in the Spring of 2007. I’m not sure if the brewing/aging process […]

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